17 of June,

Weekly Torah portion:

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17 of June,

Weekly Torah portion:
For Individuals-Jews

Free matzah for the holiday of Pesach, as well as Jewish calendars (if there are such programs in the current year).

The UJCU provides regular payments of financial assistance to Jewish victims of Nazism, veterans and widows of the participants of the Second World War, children of war, ghetto prisoners.

Specialists of the contact center "910" (the unified Jewish number of Ukraine) provide informational assistance regarding Jewish customs and traditions, the location of any Jewish organization or community and repatriation issues. You can get juridical and psychological aid by calling the Jewish hotline "910". You can also contact us if you are a victim or a witness of anti-Semitism.

On the map "Jews of Ukraine", which is the most extensive catalog of Jewish objects in Ukraine, you will find a description, actual photos, location and contacts of any Jewish "point" of the country, starting from Jewish sights, synagogues, kosher food establishments, and ending with information about the work of Jewish organizations.

The Legal Department of UJCU will provide you with initial legal advice on any issues and provide legal support on hate crimes.

Thanks to the Jewish media space of UJCU, the news site JewishNews and the Jewish magazine U-Jew!, you will be informed about latest news in the Jewish world, as well as you will learn a lot about Jewish traditions, history, and psychology, based on Torah and Jewish business.

You will receive SMS notifications on the eve of Jewish holidays, as well as a weekly newsletter with actual news and interesting articles.

United the Jewish community of Ukraine monitors, records and prevents incidents manifestations of anti-Semitism and intolerance of Jews in Ukraine. Any Jew who has suffered from anti-Semitism can turn to the Jewish hotspot. line of Ukraine "910" for comprehensive assistance.

All-round support of the Legal Department of the UJCU in matters of interaction with authorities and law enforcement agencies.

For Jewish organizations and communities

Adding an organization to the map “Jews of Ukraine”, which already contains information about more than 800 Jewish objects in the country: contact details, actual photos, history of creation and work directions.

Call Outsourcing – specialists of call center “910” can notify free all subscribers from the list of phone numbers provided by your organization about a happening or an event.

Opportunity of information support from the UJCU: any Jewish organization or community in the country can send a press release about its activities or an announcement of the upcoming event to the editorial staff of the JewishNews portal and the material will be published on the website. The average number of visitors of the site jewishnews.com.ua is 400,000 users per month.

Payments of financial assistance to real Jewish communities that are part of the United Jewish Community of Ukraine. Assistance is provided in the framework of the program "Jews of Ukraine.

The Jewish magazine U-Jew! publishes interviews with leaders of Jewish organizations and communities, as well as articles and historical background about the foundation and development of Jewish organizations.

Opportunity to post announcements of upcoming events and other announcements that may be interesting to Jews on the pages of the UJCU on Facebook.