12 of April,

Weekly Torah portion:

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12 of April,

Weekly Torah portion:


910 - the unified Jewish number of Ukraine.

Services of the contact center are all free of charge:

  • Рroviding information on the location of Jewish communities and organizations, as well as on Jewish events throughout Ukraine;
  • Fixation and immediate response to manifestations of anti-Semitism in Ukraine;
  • Calling to emergency services (police, ambulance, State Service for Emergency Situations, etc.);
  • Providing advice on the Jewish way of life and traditions;
  • Рroviding answers to questions about the repatriation to Israel and the restoration of Jewish roots;
  • Рroviding advice on charitable programs of the UJCU.

UJCU's members also receive:

  • Assistance in booking hotels, calling a taxi;
  • Help in ordering kosher food and medicine;
  • Primary legal advice;
  • Psychological help.
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The most visited Jewish site in Ukraine.

The monthly audience is more than 400,000 visitors.*

The task of JewishNews is publication of the latest news of the Jewish world. The editors of the site promptly share the latest information about Jews in the world, Ukraine and Israel, as well as about important events of world politics and economics.

The mission of the project is to highlight current events in the Jewish world and make it interesting for everyone.

* According to SimilarWeb service
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U-Jew! is an online magazine for a wide audience in which the world is represented with Jewish eyes: Torah-based psychology, Jewish business, history and traditions.

The magazine is dedicated to Jewish life and created by Jews and for Jews to show the benefits of adhering to the traditions of their people.

The editors create cognitive content for those who is interested in the Jewish way of life. Materials are presented in an easy and accessible way, explaining the basic concepts in a simple and understandable language. The magazine contains over 4000 articles.

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The map “Jews of Ukraine” is an interactive service that will help you to get complete information about any Jewish organization of Ukraine.

We collected information about Jewish communities, charitable foundations, educational institutions, sightseeings, and kosher food restaurants in one place.

In addition, it contains important data on the work of the embassy, ​​consulates and representative offices of international and all-Ukrainian Jewish organizations.

The service is simple and easy to use: in addition to the information component, the site contains fresh photos and relevant contacts of any Jewish "point" of Ukraine.

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The Righteous Among the Nations from Ukraine

The Righteous Among the Nations from Ukraine is an information project that collects information about the Righteous Among the Nations according to the Ukrainian list.

The goal of this informative and convenient database is to tell about the heroic deeds of Ukrainians who risked their lives and the lives of their loved ones to save Jews during the Nazi terror. Also, the project aims to spread information about those people who, by their mercy, helped the Jewish population despite the mortal danger to themselves and their loved ones.

As of January 1, 2020, 2659 Righteous are officially recognized in Ukraine.

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