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Jew.Today is an online platform that combines two functions: the map "Jews of Ukraine" and the Jewish events schedule.

The map “Jews of Ukraine” is an interactive service that help you to find complete information about any Jewish organization in Ukraine.

We collected information about Jewish communities, charitable foundations, educational institutions, sights, and kosher restaurants in one place.

The service is simple and easy: in addition to the information component, the site contains new photos and relevant contacts of any Jewish "point" of Ukraine.

The map "Jews of Ukraine" is constantly updated with new objects. You can also take part in this by clicking the "Add Organization" button.

Jewish events schedule is a list of Jewish events take place in Ukraine. Using the filter, you can easily find an interesting Jewish event in any Ukrainian city at a convenient time.


Contact-center 910

910 is the unified Jewish number of Ukraine. The contact center will provide you with free information dedicated to:

  • Location of Jewish communities and organizations in Ukraine.
  • Jewish traditions and customs, Jewish way of life, repatriation issues, and help in restoring Jewish roots.

And also you could receive free:

  • Primary legal aid.
  • Psychological help.

The contact center assists in cases of anti-Semitism manifestations and helps to contact emergency services.

The task of the contact center is to answer the questions of the Jew who applied for help completely and quickly. Aim of 910 is to be a unified reference bureau for all Jews of Ukraine.

*Participants of the Program "Jews of Ukraine" are provided with free concierge service (help with taxi ordering, hotel and train tickets booking, ordering kosher food and necessary medicines).



Our tasks

  1. To unite Jews of Ukraine in common information space and around the Jewish way of life, knowledge and traditions
  2. Be an organization that represents the interests of the Jewish community of Ukraine in the world
  3. To help every Jew in Ukraine in his social, cultural and everyday life
  4. To intensify Jewish communities’ activities through our projects implementation

The program "Jews of Ukraine", created by the United Jewish Community of Ukraine in 2014, includes a free concierge service: taxi ordering, booking hotels and train tickets, ordering kosher food and necessary medicines

The United Jewish Community of Ukraine provides regular financial assistance to 16 thousands of Jews-victims of Nazism, veterans of the Second World War and veterans' widows, children of war, ghetto prisoners


Jewish magazine U-Jew!

U-Jew! is an online magazine for a wide audience, in which the world is represented by Jewish eyes: psychology on the basis of the Torah, Jewish business, history, traditions and many other topics.

The magazine is devoted to Jewish life and is created by Jews and for Jews to show the advantages of respecting the Jewish traditions.

The editors create cognitive content for those who are interested in the Jewish way of life. Materials are given in an easy and accessible way, explaining the basics and fundamental concepts in a simple and understandable language.

The magazine contains more than 4000 articles. Weekly, publications' PDF-edition, dedicated to the topic of the week, is available for download.


Space for Jews JewSpace is a multifunctional Internet platform that combines two functions: online datings and job-seeking assistance.

First of all, this is an all-Ukrainian Jewish dating website for creating a family, and also for finding friends by interests. All questionnaires and photos on the website pass a security check for the safety of users.

This is a space for acquaintance and communication not only for Jews observing traditions, but also for those who are interested in the Jewish way of life. In addition, here you could find useful materials about creation of family and Jewish customs.

The second section of website is devoted to getting help at employment and education, retraining and recruiting staff for Jewish or any other companies.

The site contains vacancies suitable for those who observe Jewish laws and customs. It means that Jewish communities and organizations could indicate when placing a vacancy, that this work allows you to observe Shabbat and other Jewish traditions. is the Jewish portal for kosher datings and work.


Jewish news

The most visited Jewish news website in Ukraine. Its monthly audience is more than 400 000 people.

The task of JewishNews is the operational publication of topical news of the Jewish world. Covering the Ukrainian news, the website's editorial office compares the situation in Ukraine with Israel, focusing on the successes of the Israel on resonant issues for Ukraine.

Our mission is to highlight the current events of the Jewish world in such way to make it interesting for everyone.

News website JewishNews doesn’t pursue commercial goals and works on donations. That is why we have one more advantage - no advertising.

Our motto

We are not engaged in Jewry, we care about Jews

Our goal
Revival and development of Jewish way of life in Ukraine, expansion and strengthening of connections between Jewish communities, organizations and public associations.
Our mission
To implement the possibilities of everyone by the admission to the Jewish way of life.
What is done
24 000 000 UAH
Distributed as a charitable aid
More than 16 000 Jews
Receive regular financial assistance
17 000 kg of matzah
Was send to Jewish families on Pesach 2018
500 000 users
are the monthly audience of UJCU's Internet resources
* Вартість 1 хвилини розмови за коротким номером 910 є безкоштовною. Послуга надається абонентам всіх національних GSM операторів. Тільки для повнолітніх. Технічна підтримка: (044) 536-910 з пн.-пт. з 9:00 до 18:00. ВСЄГО «ОБ'ЄДНАНА ЄВРЕЙСЬКА ОБЩИНА УКРАЇНИ», 01042, м. Київ, вул. Філатова, буд. 2/1 д, кв. 7
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Igor Kolomoisky

President of United Jewish Community of Ukraine

Igor Kolomoisky was born on February 13, 1963 (19 Shvat 5723) in Dnepropetrovsk.

Member of Board of Trustees of the Dnepr Jewish community.

In 2008 in Kiev at the fifth congress of United Jewish Community of Ukraine he was elected as a president of UJCU.

In 2010 Igor Kolomoisky was chosen as a head of The European Jewish Council.

He is maecenas of the largest in the world Jewish center “Menora” (Dnepr city) and Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine” – the third largest dedicated to the Holocaust memorial сomplex in the world.

Michael Tkach

Head of United Jewish Community of Ukraine

Michael Tkach was born on January 19, 1959 (10 Shvat 5719) in Dnepropetrovsk.

Board of Trustees' member of the Jewish community of Dnepr..

Has been appointed as a Head of United Jewish Community of Ukraine in December 2014.

Initiator of the creation of the program "Jews of Ukraine", thanks to which 14 000 victims of Nazism receive financial assistance regularly.

In 2018, Mihael Tkach reorganized the work of UJCU and created the Unified Project Management Center of the Community.

UJCU congratulates all Jews of Ukraine on Simchat Torah holiday

Dear friends!

Here comes the end of wonderful New Year's holidays cycle of month Tishrei. And there is the last but the most joyful holiday Simhath Torah. Its name translated as “Torah’s Glad”, already tells us about particularities of this day. There is a custom to have joy and dance on this holiday. And the most weird tradition is dancing with the scrolls of the Torah.

At first glance, it may seem disrespectful to God. The Torah is Divine wisdom which the Creator transmitted to us as an instruction for the knowledge of the world. It is prescribed to constantly study, analyze, share knowledge with others. Reading the Torah scroll in the synagogue is always an exciting process that is entrusted to the most respected community members. And then suddenly we grab the scrolls with the words of God, and start jumping and dancing with them.

Sacrilege? Not at all. Because the manifestation of joy is not the prerogative of the sages, it is available to all. And everyone can dance with the Torah, absolutely regardless of the level of knowledge and the degree of religiosity. This is a real holiday of the unity of our people, which shows that we all are one big family united by the Torah.

There is one more nuance - a good reason for the manifestation of joy on Simchat Torah. We know that God sentenced us to Rosh Hashanah, during ten days of remorse maybe even changed it for the better, and on Yom Kippur sealed it finally. But somehow Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe revealed one secret: even a bad judgment sealed can be changed! This opportunity will be honored by those who will be especially joyful and have fun on Simhath Torah. After all, in this way we express our love to our Father, and He, seeing this, will necessarily soften the heart. He is ready for this always, only an excuse is needed.

My friends! I want to wish you the good final record in the Book of Life and let the whole coming year be as joyful as the Simhath Torah holiday!

Yours respectfully,
Head of United
Jewish Community of Ukraine

Michael Tkach

Congratulation with Сelebration of Victory from the UJCU's head Michael Tkach

The head of United Jewish Community of Ukraine Michael Tkach congratulates everybody with the Celebration of Victory. In support of veterans and victims of Nazism, UJCU announces another charity event.

United Jewish Community of Ukraine is going to provide financial aid to 16000 Jewish veterans of Second World War and victims of Nazism by 9th of May.

“Dear friends!

With all my heart I congratulate you with the Сelebration of Victory Day!

It is well-known, that Second World War became the one of the most tragic ordeals for our nation during all it’s centuries-old history. The Nazi regime destroyed 6 millions of Jews, the third part of our nation, and they would have killed all of us, unless heroism and courage of people who were protecting their country and families. We will never forget about their immortal feat. Each veteran of Second World War, who lives among us now, will forever remain for us as an object of unconditional respect and care.

United Jewish Community of Ukraine tries by all means to support Jews-participants of Second World War. We are announcing a start of a charity event for Jewish veterans and victims of Nazism during which 16000 people will get financial help. This is a small thing we can pay tribute to their feat and selflessness and show our concern about people who passed through the hell of Second World War and survived despite everything.

Every year the amount of Second World War veterans is getting less. That's why each of us must do everything possible to make the memory of their heroism stayed alive and passed from generation to generation.

I would like to wish all veterans health and longevity. Thank you for the fact that we can live, work and raise new generations.

I wish each of us a peaceful sky above our heads. May God protect us from war and hatred.”

Congratulations of the Head of the United Jewish Community of Ukraine on Yom Kippur

Dear friends!

A day that is coming has a special holiness. It is Yom Kippur. On this day, God seals the Book, in which the fate of each of us is recorded in the coming year. It is also called the Day of Judgment, but this is not entirely true. The correct translation of the words "Yom Kippur" is the Day of Atonement. And this means that this day has the power to atone for all our sins, we only have to repent of them sincerely.

But there is one important nuance. Any repentance before God will not work if you have hurt another person, your neighbor. Therefore, before the most important day of the Jewish calendar, step over the pride, and be sure to ask forgiveness from everyone you could offend, even if you did it unconsciously. In turn, do not keep evil on your offenders, and if a person comes to apologize, do not push him.

«Do not do to another what you would not want for yourself. This is the whole Torah, the rest is just comments», - said one of the greatest Jewish sages, Rabbi Hillel. God loves us as his children, and if He sees that we also treat one another, then He will certainly forgive our sins before Himself.

I wish that all of you and your families received a good record in the Book of Life. And on Yom Kippur this record will be sealed. And, of course, wish you an easy fast!

Gmar Chatimah Tova!

Yours faithfully,
head of the United
Jewish Community of Ukraine

Michael Tkach

Congratulations of Michael Tkach on Sukkot holiday

Dear friends!

The Sukkot holiday is a special holiday. It differs from other Jewish holidays because it matters not only for the Jews, but for the whole world. We remember from the Torah that 70 sacrifices were made only on Sukkot in the Temple in Jerusalem, one for each nation of the world (the other nations are considered to be the offshoots of these 70). According to the prophet Zechariah, in the future, in the time of Moshiach, Jews and non-Jews will sit together in the sukkah.

In Sukkot we have many commandments related to nature. We live in huts, we take into the hands 4 species of plants, in the time of the Temple water was poured on the altar. The most famous rabbi of Israel, Abraham Cook, said that Jews are very cautious with nature, because of the numerous pagan cults associated with it. But there is a great holiness in the nature, and non-Jews are much more susceptible to this holiness. Jews are drawn to holiness, which is above nature, over the material world.

And then comes the day when we all unite: Jews and non-Jews, materiality and spirituality. I wish all of you peace in the new year, let we all enjoy life and the great blessings that the Creator sends to each of us. "They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will no longer take up the sword against nation, nor train again for war," said the prophet Yeshayahu. Let us all be honored to see this time! Happy holiday, friends!

Yours faithfully,

Head of the United Jewish community of Ukraine

Michael Tkach