1 of October,

Weekly Torah portion:

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1 of October,

Weekly Torah portion:
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UJCU counts 140 jewish communities and organizations

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Our motto

We aren’t interested in Jewry, we deal with Jews

Our goal

Revival and development of Jewish way of life in Ukraine, expansion and strengthening relations between Jewish communities, organizations and non-government associations

Our mission

To realize opportunities of every person through accustoming to Jewish way of life

Our tasks

To unite the Jews of Ukraine in a single information space around the Jewish way of life, knowledge and traditions

To help every Jew of Ukraine in social, cultural and everyday life

To represent the interests of the Jewish community of Ukraine in the world

To intensify the activities of the Jewish community through the implementation of our projects

Our achievements

Over 130 Jewish communities and organizations

as part of UJCU receive financial assistance

34 000 reusable masks

transmitted to Jewish communities during the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic in 2020

More than 16 000 Jews

receive financial assistance

61 500 kg machine-made matzah

transmitted to Jewish families on Passover in 2018-2020 at the expense of UJCU

29 000 Jewish calendars

printed and sent free of charge to the Jews of Ukraine on the eve of Rosh Hashanah

500 000 users

make up a monthly audience of UJCU Internet resources